Dearborn, MI


Malpractice Law in Dearborn, MI

If you or someone close to you was the victim of negligence in a healthcare facility or office in Dearborn, MI, medical malpractice attorney Jeff Meyers, Attorney at Law, can offer you the aggressive representation that you need. We have years of experience helping victims in these cases, and we have been successful in achieving outstanding results for our clients. Don't allow someone to take advantage of you. Instead, let our team of legal professionals work to protect your rights.

These claims may involve acts in which a healthcare worker or a physician harms a patient due to accidental actions or negligence. Such an example would include operating on the wrong part of the body or prescribing incorrect or harmful medication. Other cases involve circumstances in which a healthcare worker failed to act in a certain way, resulting in harm to the patient. Examples can include providing an incorrect diagnosis or failure to deliver a baby in a timely fashion. If you believe that you or a loved one may have been the victim of one of these or other cases of negligence, we can help.

Dearborn, MI medical malpractice attorney Jeff Meyers, Attorney at Law, will fight to get you the results that you deserve. Call us now to schedule a free initial consultation and learn more about how we can work for you.